We will be performing two system upgrades this summer, one on May 16th and one on June 5th. There will be no downtime for these upgrades but you may notice intermittent delays while the systems are being restarted.

On May 16th, we will be upgrading myLesley/Blackboard to the latest version (v. 3700). This upgrade is mostly a maintenance upgrade with a few new features.

On June 5th, we will be upgrading Kaltura (myLesley's video platform) to the latest version. This update will bring with it a few changes, including a new look and feel and a new screen recording tool.

Topics in this article include:

Collaborate Attendance Integration

New Calendar Items and Due Date Notifications

New SafeAssign Originality Report

Kaltura's New Look and Feel

Kaltura Capture Replaces CaptureSpace Lite

Collaborate Attendance Integration (Available Now)

Blackboard can now be set up to track attendance in a Collaborate session. Based on criteria you set, Collaborate can track if a student is present, late, or absent from a session. This information is then sent directly to the Attendance page in your myLesley course. 

Attendance reporting is turned off by default. You must turn it on for each session in which you want to track attendance. For more information, see Collaborate Ultra Attendance Reporting.

New Calendar Items and Due Date Notifications (May 16 Upgrade)

Blackboard's Calendar tool shows due dates of course items. Blackboard has expanded the number of items and content types that can be incorporated into the Calendar tool. Users can see these due items in their Course Calendar or My Blackboard Calendar and due date notifications appear through notification subscription channels.

The following types of content will now create calendar items and due date notifications:

  • Assessment items (ex Assignments and Tests)
  • Interactive tools (ex graded Discussions, Blogs, Journals, and Wikis)
  • Grade Center columns with a specified due date

For more information on the calendar tool, see Blackboard Calendar.

For more information on setting notifications in myLesley, see Blackboard Notification Settings.

New SafeAssign Originality Report (May 16 Upgrade)

SafeAssign is myLesley's anti-plagiarism tool. Blackboard has updated the design of the SafeAssign Originality Report. The new report has a new look and feel and includes some new information about a submission's overall risk of plagiarism. This new report is also more mobile-friendly and more accessible to screen readers.

screenshot of new SafeAssign Originality Report

For more information on using SafeAssign, see myLesley SafeAssign.

Kaltura's New Look and Feel (June 5th Upgrade)

The most noticeable difference with the new version of Kaltura is the way that the videos will look when added to your course. Currently, a video appears as a small thumbnail within a table also containing the video information. The new version will display one large image of the video without the table. Click the image to load the player and then click again to play the video.

Old Kaltura video in course:

screenshot of old Kaltura video in course with small thumbnail and table

New Kaltura video in course:

screenshot of old Kaltura video in course with large thumbnail

Kaltura Capture Replaces CaptureSpace Lite (June 5th Upgrade)

What is Kaltura Capture?

Kaltura Capture is Kaltura's updated video and screen recording tool, replacing CaptureSpace Lite. Kaltura Capture allows users to record any combination of their screen, voice, and webcam. Capture is a standalone application and can be used even without an internet connection. All recorded presentations can be easily uploaded to your My Media library in myLesley with just one click.

screenshot of Kaltura Capture video recording tools

How Do I Access Kaltura Capture?

Kaltura Capture is a standalone application. You may download and launch Kaltura Capture from your Kaltura My Media or from the Mashup tool within the myLesley text/content editor. Detailed instructions may be found here: Kaltura Capture.

What Happens to CaptureSpace Lite?

Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite has been retired and you may no longer download the tool. If you already have the tool installed on your computer, we recommend uninstalling the tool and downloading Kaltura Capture. 

Please note that if you do use CaptureSpace Lite to record a video after June 5th, you will receive an error when trying to upload to myLesley.