Important Notification!

Kaltura has a new screen capture tool called Kaltura Capture. CaptureSpace Lite will go out of support on June 30, 2019. We strongly recommend switching to Capture and discontinuing use of CaptureSpace Lite. 

Topics in this article include:

About CaptureSpace Lite

Install CaptureSpace Lite

Launch CaptureSpace Lite

Create a Webcam Recording

Add Webcam Recording to Your myLesley Course

About Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite

Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite is a presentation production tool that allows users to record any combination of their screen, voice and webcam. Features include: the ability to pause your recording, activate drawing tools, edit the video after recording as well as add titles and credits. CaptureSpace Lite is a standalone application, which means it can be used even without an internet connection. All recorded presentations can be easily uploaded to your My Media library in myLesley with just one click.

Install CaptureSpace Lite

You may install CaptureSpace Lite from your Kaltura My Media library. You may access your My Media on from the myLesley Home tab.

screenshot of myLesley Home tab

Once you are in your My Media, click on the Add New button and select CaptureSpace Lite from the drop-down menu.  

 screenshot of launching CaptureSpace Lite

If the software is already installed, the application will launch. If not, the CaptureSpace Lite download page will appear. Click on either the Download for Windows or Download for Mac button. 

screenshot of capturespace desktop recorder screen

Click on the appropriate download link and save the installer file. Once your file has been saved, locate the downloaded file and double click on it to launch the installer. Follow the steps to install the application.     

ATTENTION MAC USERS: If you are using Mac OS 10.10+ you will need to enable keyboard actions for presentation recording. Go to System Preferences and select Security and Privacy.

screenshot of security and privacy icon

Select the Privacy Tab. Select Accessibility on the left menu, then check the box next to Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder in the right panel.   

screenshot of accessibility menu

Launch CaptureSpace Lite

To launch the application, go back to your Kaltura My Media folder in myLesley. Click on the Add New button and select CaptureSpace Lite from the drop-down menu.


screenshot of launching CaptureSpace lite

CaptureSpace Lite should launch on your computer.

Create a Webcam Recording

Once the application launches, you will see a menu of options. To record from your webcam, select Webcam.  

screenshot of webcam icon

Your webcam will load and you will see a preview of your webcam on the screen. Your recording should start automatically after a few seconds. Once you have finished recording, click Done.

screenshot of webcam recording

After you stop the recording the video will open in the CaptureSpace editor, where you can preview the video, edit the clip, and add titles. For more information on editing, see Editing a Video.

screenshot of video editing options

Once you have made your edits, click the Done button.

You will now see the Upload Options window. Give your video a title and (optional) description and tags. Click the Upload button to upload the video to your Kaltura My Media.

screenshot of upload options

It may take several minutes to upload your video, depending on the file size.

For more information on creating a webcam recording watch the tutorial video below.

Add Webcam Recording to Your myLesley Course

Once you have uploaded your webcam recording to your Kaltura My Media, you may add it anywhere in your myLesley course, such as an Announcement, Content Item, Discussion Board, Blog, etc.

To begin, go to the location in your course to which you want to upload the video. From the text/content editor, click on the Mashup button and select Kaltura Media.

screenshot of Kaltura Media mashup tool

This will take you to your My Media. Locate your video and click the Select button to the right of the video.

screenshot of selecting a video

Once you have selected your video, you will  be brought back to the text/content editor in your item. You will notice a thumbnail of the video as well as any media information. If you wish, you may add additional text to your item. 

screenshot of video added to an item in blackboard

Click Submit at the bottom of the page to save your changes.