In order to be able to reset your password, or unlock your account, you MUST create your myPassword profile.  Once you have created your profile, you will be able to reset your password for LOIS, myLesley, Lesley email or for your network login, in the event that you forget it! 



1. Go to and click on Create/Edit my Profile.



2.  You will be brought to a captcha image page. Type in the characters and press the Verify Captcha button. (Captcha images are not case sensitive.)

Note: At this point, if you are being directed here from the Activate/Change Password section, you will not have to log on again. You will go directly to the profile questions, so you can skip to step 4. 

3. Enter your username ( and current password and press the Logon button.


If you don't remember your password, and haven't set up your profile yet, you will have to call 617-349-8770, or email to have your password reset to a default password.  Once you have that default password, you must first change your password, and then set up your profile.


4.  Choose questions from the drop-down list of questions for the three profile questions, and provide the answers in the spaces following each question. When you have finished entering the questions and the answers, press the Submit button.




5.  If you were successful, you will see the following message.  Press the OK button and you will be returned to the main menu of the password site, or back to the changing password section if you were in the process of changing your password.