There are a number of public digital displays throughout each of the campuses that often display digital content and event related information. Each display is maintained by a coordinator whose office is typically in close proximity to the display. If you wish to have content published to a display, you must direct this request to the appropriate coordinator.  IT does not publish content to displays.  Below is a list of each Digital Display Coordinator (and their backup Coordinator in the event of their absence) and the display(s) that they manage:

Student Activities - 36 Mellen St

Fitness Center - Cardio Room - 30 Mellen St

Fitness Center - Free Weight Room - 30 Mellen St

Coordinator: Katlyn Hamm

Backup Coordinator: Josiah Harris-Adams

Sherrill Library - 89 Brattle St

Coordinator: TBD

University Hall Atrium - Near 2-078 - 1815 Mass Ave

University Hall Atrium - Near Amphitheater - 1815 Mass Ave

University Hall - Visitor Center

Coordinator: Shane Hart

Visitor's Center - 1627 Massachusetts Avenue

Coordinator: Shane Hart

Backup Coordinator: Bryce Henderson

Backup Coordinator: Sara Schmidt

Threshold - 82R Oxford St

Coordinator: Cara Gorham

Backup Coordinator: Sarah Connelly

Advancement - 101 Brattle

Coordinator: TBD

Lunder Art Center - 1st Floor Atrium - 1801 Mass Ave

Lunder Art Center - Lower Level Atrium - 1801 Mass Ave

Coordinator: Abigail Michaud

Backup Coordinator: Marlo Brooks, Becky Beckencourt

Moriarty Library - 1801 Mass Ave

Coordinator: Zachary Wray

Backup Coordinator: Micki Harrington

 Information Technology - 815 Somerville Ave

Coordinator: Kay Sun Yeung

Backup Coordinator: Brendan Walsh

 Student Administrative Services
Coordinator: Ramy Abdelghani
Backup Coordinator: Kathleen Farrell

 Porter Cafe
Coordinator: Ed Fogarty