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The Dynamics 365 App for Outlook allows you to identify emails from Outlook that you want reflected in Advise.  This feature enables you to record an email that did not originate and is therefore not tracked in Advise without the need to copy and paste.

*PLEASE NOTE:  This feature does not have the smoothest integration so please follow the instructions for how to avoid the bumps.  However, it is worth it.


Step 1: Enable the App from Advise

Connect to Advise and go to Settings (gear icon) and select Apps for Dynamics 365.

Image of Settings, Apps for Dynamics 365

Click on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 App for Outlook button at the bottom.   This will add the App so it is available to you in Outlook.

Image of Microsoft Dynamics 365 App for Outlook

You will see a new display indicating that the App is being added.

Image of message indicating the App is being added.

Step 2: Engage the Dynamics 365 App in Outlook

The Dynamics 365 App should now appear in your main Outlook ribbon, both in the Outlook client and Outlook Web Access (OWA).  If it does not, try closing Outlook and reopening. 

Click on the email that you want reflected in Advise, whether it is a new email or an existing conversation.

Engage the Dynamics 365 App by referencing the Outlook Desktop Client or Outlook Web Access instructions below:

Outlook Desktop Client

Select Dynamics 365 from the Outlook ribbon.

Image of Outlook desktop client with Dynamics 365 App in Outlook ribbon.

Outlook Web Access

Open an email and then select More (...) > Dynamics 365

Image of Outlook Web App with email message open, ellipses, and Dynamics 365 App

A new Dynamics 365 column will appear on your email message. 

Image of Dynamics 365 App column

NOTE:  You will likely be prompted to "Sign in to access this site" (image below).  WAIT for the app to load in the background.  Once it loads, click on Cancel at the login prompt.  

Click Cancel on the sign in window.  You may need to do this more than once!!

Image of sign-in prompt

The only time you might need to login is when you get the Ellucian Cloud US PROD ADFS page (image below) where you choose "Other organization".  Advise stores cookies and sometimes the cookies are cleared, and you are suddenly presented with the Ellucian login page again.  This also impacts the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook.  If you continue to have problems connecting, please see below for more information on troubleshooting failed connections.

Ellucian Cloud US PROD ADFS login prompt

Step 3: Push the Email to Advise

Outlook emails that did not originate from Advise will show Not tracked.  You have two options to reflect this email in Advise.  

  1. Set Regarding.  This is the preferred option.  It can be used to have an email reflected in Advise that does not include the person whom it is about in the recipient list.
  2. Track without Regarding.  This option will track the email based on the recipients.

Follow these steps to push emails to Advise, depending on which (or both) options you choose.  

Step 3a: Set Regarding

Under the Set Regarding field, click on the three lines.   Again, this will ensure that an email is reflected on a particular record regardless of that person being included in the recipient list or not.

Image of Dyamics 365 and _ _ _ under Set Regarding

You can now perform a lookup in the Look for Records box or Outlook will display recent records you have accessed in Advise from which to select.  PLEASE DO NOT use the + New Record option.

Image of Set Regarding and Look for Records promptImage of Look for Records with entry.

Step 3b: Track without Regarding

Next to Not tracked, click on the ellipses and select Track without Regarding.  Again, this tracks the email based on the recipients.

Image of Not tracked, ellipses, Track without Regarding selections.

Once you select the person, the Dynamics 365 App will show Processing please wait, and it will then show Tracked regarding.  

Image of Tracked Regarding successful

Regardless of which option you chose, you will now be able to see this email in Advise on the applicable person's record(s).

Optional Step 4:  Untrack or Change Regarding

You can always revert the above actions by clicking on the vertical ellipses and select Untrack, Set Regarding (if you didn't originally set Regarding) or Change Regarding.

Image of Tracked, ellipses, option set.

Image of Tracked Regarding, ellipses, option set.

Troubleshooting Failed Connections

If you continue to have trouble connecting to Advise via this Dynamics 365 App, we recommend you clear your cache.  Still having problems?  Try rebooting to ensure that everything is in sync.

After all of that, if you continue to have problems, follow these steps for Outlook Web Access:

For Edge or Chrome:

  1. Open Edge or Chrome and type the following in the address bar: 
    • Edge:  edge://flags 
    • Chrome:  chrome://flags
  2. Search for Third-party Storage Partitioning and set the value in the box to Disabled
  3. Restart your browser and try using the Dynamics 365 app again

For Firefox:

  1. Open their Firefox browser and navigate to Settings -> Privacy & Security
  2. Under Enhanced Tracking Protection, select Custom 
  3. Set Cookies to Cross-site tracking cookies
  4. Restart the browser and try using the Dynamics 365 app again

For more information about the Dynamics 365 App, visit Microsoft's site: Dynamics 365 App for Outlook Overview (Dynamics 365 apps) | Microsoft Learn 

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