Voicemail Greeting, Personalizing


  1.      Enter your mailbox. Click here for instructions on how to enter your mailbox. 
  2.      When it says "Ready", press 4.
  3.      Choose from the prompts, which will be:



Listen to current greeting.


Record a new greeting.


Record out of office greeting.




Voicemail Security Code, Personalizing


To prevent unauthorized access, please select your own unique security code, and change it regularly.


  1. Enter your mailbox.
  2. When it says "Ready", press 16.
  3. It will list options - select 1 for personal options.
  4. Press 4 for Security Code.
  5. Follow the prompts (code can be between 4 and 10 digits).
  6. Press the * to quit custom options.




Exiting your Voicemail Box



When you are finished doing any of the functions outlined in this guide, and are ready to exit your mailbox, don't just hang up. To exit:


Press #, and when you hear the word "Ready", press 9, and, when prompted,

Press 9 again.


Note: Listen to the prompts as you exit for other features and information, such as how many messages will be erased, or how to dial another extension, or how to re-enter the voicemail system.



Voicemail Custom Options


Our voicemail system offers additional features.


Enter your mailbox. When it says "Ready", press 16, then either 1 or 2, depending upon what you want to do.

Press 1 for Personal Options, then the applicable number below.

1 Immediate message notification

2 Daily message reminder

3 Record personal greeting

4 Security code

5 Record your name

6 Record announcements mailbox sponsored

Press the * to quit custom options.


Press 2 for Messaging options, then the applicable number below:

2 Record name for mailbox you sponsor

3 Personal distribution list (You can send a voicemail to more than 10 mailboxes at once. This list is saved for unlimited reuse.)

4 Message forwarding

5 Message presentation

6 Message envelope setting

Press the * to quit custom options.