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About Kaltura Capture

Kaltura Capture is a presentation and production tool that allows users to record any combination of their screen, voice, and webcam. Capture is a standalone application, which means it can be used even without an internet connection. All recorded presentations can be easily uploaded to your My Media library in myLesley with just one click.

Download and Launch Kaltura Capture

From within myLesley, go to your Kaltura My Media. You may access your My Media from the Tools link in the Global Navigation menu. 

Go to the tools area and select Kaltura My Media

If prompted to allow Kaltura authorization, click Allow. You should only need to do this once.

select allow to allow the integration

This will bring you in to your Kaltura My Media. Click the Add New button on the top right side of the page. this will bring up a menu. Select Kaltura Capture.

screenshot of Kaltura Capture button 

The launch page will load. 

If you have downloaded Kaltura Capture before, you may see a message asking you to launch the tool or it may launch automatically. This may vary, depending on your browser and settings.

screenshot of open kalturacapture popup 

If you have not downloaded the tool, select whether to download for Windows or Mac.

screenshot of Kaltura Capture launch page.

Follow on-screen instructions to download and install the tool.

Using Kaltura Capture

Select Your Recording Options

Once you launch Kaltura Capture, the record options will appear. By default, Kaltura Capture will record your webcam, screen, and microphone. You can toggle each of these options on and off by clicking on them.

screenshot of webcam, screen, and microphone

If your device supports multiple webcams, screens, or microphones, you will be able to select which one to use by clicking on the chevron next to each icon. For example, if you are using an external microphone (ex a headset), click on the chevron next to the microphone icon. This will open a menu. Select your preferred microphone.

screenshot of selecting USB microphone

The following instructions will guide you through creating different types of recordings:

Recording with Kaltura Capture

Once you have toggled your recording options on/off and selected your preferred microphone/display/camera, click the Start Recording button to record.

screenshot of start recording button

You will see a five second countdown and then your recording will start. 

A Recording Menu will appear on the bottom of your screen. Use this menu to Stop, Pause, or Cancel your recording.

screenshot of recording menu

  • Stop Recording (square): Press to stop the recording. You will be prompted to confirm if you want to end your recording. 
  • Pause/Resume Recording (circle): Press to pause or resume the recording. You can pause or resume your recording at any time.
  • Cancel Recording (x): Press to cancel the recording. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to cancel and delete your recording.

Annotate Your Recording

While recording, you may click the Pencil icon to open the Annotations options. 

screenshot of recording menu

Please note that annotations are available if you are recording your screen. Annotations are disabled if you are only recording webcam or audio.

Available annotations include:

Pencil Draw
Use to draw freely on your screen.
Change Scale
Change Pencil Color
Return to Cursor
Use to draw an arrow to point out a specific element on your screen.
Change Scale
Change Arrow Color
Return to Cursor
Text  Box
Use to add text anywhere on your screen.
Change size and color.
Text maximum ~ 500 chars)
Special characters
Add links
Different languages
Copy/paste text
Empty text box
Create multiple text boxes
Select an area on the screen.
Clear the annotation actions.

When you have finished annotating, click the Pencil icon to return to the cursor mode.

Save and Upload

Once you have finished recording, click the Stop button.

screenshot of recording menu

You will be asked to confirm that you want to stop the recording. Click Yes, Stop it.

screenshot of stop recording confirmaion

You will then be brought to the Entry Page

Enter the Title of the recording as well as (optional) Description and Tags. You may also preview your recording before you upload by clicking the Play icon below your video. 

Once you have finished, click Save & Upload at the bottom of the page. Your recording will upload to your Kaltura My Media.

screenshot of Kaltura Capture entry page

Once you have uploaded your video to your My Media, you may edit and trim your video. See Managing Your Kaltura Media (My Media) for more information.

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