Historically computer upgrades have been a cumbersome process by which a department was required to request an evaluation of all the computers to determine upgrade eligibility based upon the age of the asset. In most cases, computers 3 – 4 years of age were eligible for replacement based upon budgetary funding availability. Due to the feedback received, we’ve decided to do away with this process so that the community will proactively receive upgrades without the need to submit any forms. IT will prioritize new computer deployments by working backwards from the oldest upgrade eligible computers to the “newer” systems, with the focus being on computers used by core-faculty and staff.


This computer deployment will be done in phases. A large computer purchase will take place just after July 1st and IT will work to deploy these systems over a 6 month time period. A second large order will take place after January 1st and those computers will be deployed over a 6 month time period. Currently any computer with an inventory number lower than e9400 is eligible for replacement. Upgrades will be deployed in the order in which they were originally deployed, so computers with numbers closer to the e9400 will be deployed in the 2nd half of the fiscal year. There will be no more forms to fill out to submit for computer upgrades. We will come to you.



What if I have a new hire that needs a computer?
You can still request a new computer for a new hire using the new hire technology form, if the individual is in the first person in this position.
I require a new computer as a result of an ergonomic assessment. How do I make this request?
HR coordinates such request for IT and fulfilling these types of requests will take priority over any deployments
The e-number on my computer is missing. How do I know what my computer e-number is?
When your computer is given to you, IT gives it a name. So long as it has not been changed, the name of the computer is the same exact number as your inventory e-number.
How do I find my computer’s name if the sticker has been inventory has been removed?

Windows XP:

A.  Right-click the My Computer icon on your desktop

B.  Select Properties

C.  Click on the Computer Name tab

D.  Look about mid-way down the wind and you will see Full Computer Name


Windows 7:

A.  Right-click on the Computer icon on your desktop or within Windows Explorer

B.  Left-click on Properties

C.  A window will pop up displaying basic information about your computer.

D.  In the section ‘Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings’ you will locate your computer name (as shown below).


A.  From the Mac Menu, select System Preferences.

B.  Click the Sharing preference pane

C.  The computer’s name is shown in the Computer Name: text box

Can I get my upgrade sooner?
The most equitable way to disseminate new technology is by replacing the oldest computers first. Requests to prioritize an upgraded computer above that of a colleagues will not be honored.
What size display will my computer come with?

Desktops that we deploy are all-in-one systems where the computer and monitor are single device.  PC desktops have a 23” display and Mac desktops have a 21” display.  PC laptops have a 14” display and Mac laptops have 13.3” displays.  See Lesley Standard Computer Models for more details.

My computer is eligible for an upgrade, will I definitely receive a new computer?
The budget for purchasing new computers is finite and some unforeseen circumstances may affect our ability to fund a new computer deploy every eligible individual. If this happens, your upgrade will be delayed to the next upgrade cycle.
Will my new computer come with Windows 10?
Windows 10 is currently the standard operating system deployed on new computer across Lesley University
What do I need to do?
No need to submit a request anymore.  One of our helpful technicians will contact you to set up an appointment once your computer is ready.  They will be able to answer individualized questions about your particular needs.
Will computers used by work study students be upgraded?

The priority of upgrades will focus on current core-faculty and staff computers.  Computers used by work study students will have a lower priority to ensure that mission critical employees have a properly functioning system.  Student employees systems may be “upgraded” with a down streamed computer and not necessarily a brand new system.

Can I order a computer that is not one of the standard computers?
In order to get the most out of budgetary funds, we order the same model of computer in bulk.  This affords us the ability to take advantage of discounts from manufactures.  If you would like a non-standard computer, you're department may pay for the computer of your choice.  Having the same model of computer also ensures that we can readily provide replacement parts, accessories, and inventory should a computer malfunction.  See Lesley Standard Computer Models for more details.