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Set up your Grade Center in myLesley (online tutorial)

Setting up the myLesley Grade Center is not always the most intuitive thing. However, with a little bit of thought, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Before you begin, view the Set Up Your Grade Center in myLesley online tutorial. This tutorial will walk you through the process of organizing your gradable items, creating your content, and setting up your Grade Center.

Grade Center Overview

The Grade Center functions as an online spreadsheet where each row contains the name of one of your students and each column represents an item such as an assignment, test, or calculated grade.

Students do not have access to the Grade Center. Instead, students will access their grades and feedback in the My Grades tool.

screenshot of the myLesley Grade Center

Please note that all final term/semester grades must be entered in Self-Service. Instructions for entering grades in Self-Service may be found here: Teaching and Scholarship: Grading. Direct grading inquiries to the Records Department in the Registrar's Office at 617.349.8751 or 800.999.1959 x8751 or by email at

Accessing the Grade Center

To access the Grade Center go to the Control Panel and select Grade Center

go to the course control panel and select grade center

There are multiple ways to view your Grade Center:

Needs Grading

The Needs Grading link allows you to view assignments, test attempts, and any graded discussion posts, blogs, journals, or wikis awaiting grading or review. The Needs Grading page displays all items awaiting grading in the order in which they were submitted.

needs grading area shows all items awaiting grades

Full Grade Center

The Full Grade Center displays all columns and rows in the Grade Center. It is the default view.

the full grade center shows all grading columns

Assignments and Tests 

The default Assignments and Tests links are Smart Views, which display only the Assignments or Test columns in the Grade Center. To learn more about using Smart Views see Grade Center: Smart Views.

Full Screen Mode

Full Screen mode collapses the side navigation and the top banner, allowing you to see more of the Grade Center on your screen.

screenshot of full screen mode button

Automatically Generated Grade Center Columns

If you have created Assignments or Tests, or have enabled grading in other tools (graded Discussion Board, Blogs, Journals, Wikis, etc.), a Grade Center column was automatically generated.


Assignments allow students to view instructions and submit their work in one location. Once an assignment is created, a column is automatically added to the Grade Center where the instructor can review submissions, assign grades, and provide feedback. For more information on Creating Assignments, see Creating and Managing Assignments in myLesley. For more information on Grading Assignments, see Grading myLesley Assignments.

Tests, Surveys, and Pools

myLesley supports a large number of test formats including multiple choice, essay, short answer, calculated numeric, and more, all which may be taken online. You may also wish to collect anonymous student feedback using the Survey feature. For more information on Tests, Surveys, and Pools, see Creating and Managing Tests, Surveys and Pools in myLesley.


The Attendance tool allows faculty to easily track attendance within myLesley. This is especially helpful in face-to-face or blended courses. Once the Attendance tool is launched, it will create an Attendance column in the Grade Center, which will provide an overall attendance score. For more information on the Attendance tool, see Track Attendance in myLesley.

Creating Grade Center Columns

To create a basic Grade Center Column go to the Full Grade Center and select Create Column at the top of the page.

click create column to create a new grading column

Enter your column name. This is how your column will be titled in the Grade Center as well as your students' My Grades area. Enter an optional description using the Text/Content Editor.

enter a name for your column and (optional) description

Enter your display information (you may chose to display your grades by score, text, percentage, letter, or complete/incomplete), a category (optional), and the points possible for the item.

enter the number of points the graded item is worth

In the Options section, choose whether to include the column in the Grade Center calculations, whether to display the grade to students, and whether to show statistics for the column to the students.

Click Submit to create your column. Your new column will appear on the far right of your Full Grade Center.

See Grade Columns to learn more about creating Grade Center columns. 

Calculated Grading Columns

You can create calculated grade columns to attain performance results such as weighted grades, class average, and total points. By default the system creates two calculated columns that appear in your Grade Center: Total and Weighted Total.

Total Column

The Total column generates a grade based on the cumulative points earned, related to the points allowed. You can select which columns and categories are included in the calculation. By default, the Total column includes all columns in the Grade Center.

The Total column should already appear in your Grade Center. If you do not have a Total column, or if you accidentally deleted it, see Create Total Columns for instructions.

Weighted Total Column

The Weighted Total column generates a grade based on the result of selected columns and categories and the percentage assigned to each. By default, the Weighted Total column appears in your Grade Center but displays no results until you select the columns and categories to include in the calculation. 

By default, the Weighted Total column should already appear in your Grade Center. If you do not have a Weighted Total column, or if you accidentally deleted it, see Create Weighted Total Columns for instructions. 

To set up your Weighted Total column, go to your Full Grade Center and click the chevron next to the Weighted Total column. This will open a menu. 

click the chevron next to the weighted total to open a menu

Select Edit Column Information.

select edit column information

This will bring you to the Edit Weighted Column area.

Select how you wish to have the grades displayed to you and the students (score, text, percentage, letter, complete/incomplete).

the default display is score

Select the items to include in your weighted grade. You may select individual columns, categories, or a combination. For more information on creating categories and associating them to grade columns, see Grade Categories.

For each column or category you select, assign a percentage of the total grade. You may also select whether to weight columns equally or proportionally, drop grades, or use the highest/lowest value to calculate. Your total weight should equal 100%.

enter the weight for each column or category

Select the options for the Total column, including whether the column is visible to students.

select column options

Click Submit to save your changes. 

Manually Entering Grades

Use the Grade Center to enter grades for your students. Students will then be able to view their grades in the My Grades area of the course.

Please note that all final term/semester grades must be entered in Self-Service. Instructions for entering grades in Self-Service may be found here: Teaching and Scholarship: Grading. Direct grading inquiries to the Records Department in the Registrar's Office at 617.349.8751 or 800.999.1959 x8751 or by email at

To manually enter a grade in the Grade Center, click on the cell and enter a grade. 

select a student's cell and type in a grade

To provide feedback on a manually entered grade, hover your mouse over the cell until a chevron appears. 

Click on the chevron to open a menu. Select Quick Comment.

select quick comment

Enter your feedback in the Feedback to Learner section. Use the Grading Notes section to make any additional notes to yourself about the submission (this will not be visible to the student). 

enter feedback to the student in the feedback to learner section

If you need to provide a lot of feedback or wish to include images, video, links, etc., click the double arrow below the Grading Notes section. This will open a larger window, displaying the full my Lesley Text/Content Editor.

Click Submit to send the feedback to the student.

For more information, see Assign Grades. To grade Assignments and provide feedback, see Grading myLesley Assignments.

Organizing the Grade Center

You may rearrange your Grade Center layout by organizing your columns. 

From the Full Grade Center click Manage and select Column Organization.

click on the manage tab and select column organization

This will bring you to the Column Organization section. Here you may change the order of your columns, show/hide columns, or  change a column category. 

For more information see Organize Grade Center Data or watch the How to Customize the Grade Center tutorial video.

Advanced Grade Center

Looking for more advanced topics, such as anonymous grading, delegated grading, creating and deploying rubrics, deleting and clearing grades, exempting grades, working offline with the Grade Center, and more? See Advanced myLesley Grade Center.

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