Is your course ready for the start of the semester?

The checklist below can serve as a handy guide to making sure you have completed all your myLesley course setup tasks. Download the PDF version of the checklist

myLesley Tool/ContentFor more information:
Have you posted a welcome announcement for you students?
Is textbook information available?
Faculty Profile and Contact Information
Is your contact information available and up-to-date?

Create a Faculty Profile
Create your contact information

Have you uploaded your current syllabus?

Uploading Your Syllabus

Course Content

Have you checked all the links in each module?

Are discussion forums for each week set up?

Have you set up release dates for each module (optional)?
Is your course content accessible for all users?


Adding Hyperlinks
myLesley Discussion Board
Managing Release Dates
Accessibility Checklist

Have any tests or surveys been deployed?

Have any Assignment been set up for students to submit work?

Tests Surveys and Pools
Creating Assignments

Grade Center
Are the correct point values assigned to each item in the Grade Center?
Are there any grading columns that need to be added or deleted?
Grade Center and Grading
Additional Content (may not apply to all courses)
Have any wikis been set up?
Have any blogs/journals been set up?
Have any course groups been set up?
Have you updated any VoiceThread content?
Have you updated any VoiceThread groups?

myLesley Wikis

myLesley Blogs and Journals

myLesley Groups

Editing VoiceThreads

VoiceThread Groups