Requesting an Incomplete Grade

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Sometimes life events or unforeseen circumstances prevent you from completing a course on time. In these cases, Lesley University offers the option to request an incomplete grade.

An Incomplete Course Contract is a formal request to receive a temporary grade of “I” (Incomplete). You can request this if extenuating circumstances, such as a medical crisis or family emergency, prevent you from fulfilling all course requirements on time. Request an incomplete grade if you've successfully finished most coursework but can't complete all requirements due to your extenuating circumstances. You must initiate the request before the semester or term ends.


Incomplete Course Contract Form (Requires Login)

In exceptional cases, you may also request an extension of the original Incomplete Course Contract deadline. This is formally called an "Incomplete Course Contract Extension".

Extensions are for exceptional cases only. You must submit the request before the original course contract deadline. No further extensions can be granted.

Incomplete Course Contract Extension Form (Requires Login)

To access the forms, click the link for the form you need above. You'll log in with your Lesley University credentials. 

After submitting the form online, email your professor to schedule a meeting. You cannot receive an incomplete grade until after this meeting.

Once you complete the coursework, your professor must submit a grade change form on your behalf. This finalizes the incomplete grade request process.


What if I miss the incomplete grade request deadline?

Unfortunately, requests submitted after the deadline will not be considered. Be sure to initiate the process as early as possible.

How does an incomplete affect my grade?

You will receive a temporary "I" grade until you finish the course. Once you submit the completed work, your professor will change the "I" to your earned grade.

Can I get an extension on the extension?

No, only one extension may be granted per course. Plan to finish all coursework by the extension deadline.

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