Borrowing equipment

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Below is a list of available equipment for loan from Information Technology for Lesley events, meetings and classes. Reservations are required in advance of borrowing equipment. Equipment reservations will only be honored when reserved via the reservation form and must be made two weeks prior to your class or event (see the Technology Event Support Policy).  Equipment reserved outside required two weeks notice time frame cannot be guaranteed and is available on a first come first serve basis.

All equipment is available by pick up only, with the exception of the Laptop Cart, which is delivered by Physical Plant. Individuals & their departments are responsible for the security and well-being of the equipment once it is in their possession. Filling out the reservation form binds this agreement each time the equipment is loaned out.

To create an equipment reservation please visit the following link:  

Circulating Equipment

We currently have fifteen MacBook Pros loaded with macOS and various productivity application.

If your room is not equipped with a projector, we have three compact, portable projector kits available. The projector has the following inputs: VGA, Composite, HDMI, DisplayLink, LitePort, and Audio In. The kit includes the following items: projector, power cable, VGA cable and HDMI cable. If you are using a Mac, please remember to check out an adapter if you do not already own one.

Projection Screen
Our projection screens are portable, 6’ DA-LITE screens, best suited for small to medium sized audiences.

Document Camera
A document camera is often used in place of an overhead projector (which we no longer have/support at the university), though it has many other uses. Connected to a projector (just like your computer) the document camera is essentially a fixed camera that will display what is put underneath of it. You can place three-dimensional objects below it, overhead transparencies, written or printed notes, etc. The kit comes with the following: document camera, VGA cable, power cable, and instructions on basic usage.

Some rooms have wired microphones permanently installed in lecterns, and some rooms have wireless microphone systems installed (though these wireless microphones still need to be checked out from IT). At times, however, you may need to check out wired and wireless microphones to be used with a portable PA system, for example, or in a room that is equipped with microphone inputs. We have the following microphones available for reservation: wired microphones, wireless handhelds, wireless lavalieres.

Laptop Cart

The laptop cart is a great resource for teachers that need access to digital resources in their classroom, but are not scheduled in rooms with installed computers. The laptop cart is equipped with 19 MacBook Pros loaded with both OSX (Mac) and Windows operating systems and a wireless printer that can be accessed by each of the computers.

Portable PA System
The Portable PA System is an easy to use, all-in-one, high-quality sound system with built in wireless microphones. A brief video outlining its features and usage can be found here:

Professional Audio/Video Accessories
We have a number of professional audio equipment and accessories that may be checked out from out department. These include mic stands, speaker stands, audio mixers, audio/video cables, etc.
Please refer to our
Equipment Reservation system for a full, up-to-date list of items that can be checked out.

Location Specific Equipment

Some items in the reservation system belong to a specific location, but still need to be checked out from our department before using. Currently, this list includes the following locations and equipment:

University Hall Amphitheater
These items are stored in the IT office, and need to be picked up as needed.
-Wireless Handheld Microphones (4)
-Wireless Lavaliere Microphone (1)

University Hall Atrium
These items are stored in the IT office, and need to be picked up as needed.
-Wireless Handheld Microphones (2)
-Wireless Lavaliere Microphones (2)

Washburn Auditorium
These items are stored in a locked drawer on the equipment rack located on stage right in the Washburn Auditorium. The key to this drawer needs to be checked out from IT.
-Wireless Handheld Microphones (4)
-Wireless Lavaliere Microphones (4)


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