FAQs for Contract Editors - Workday & Colleague Contracts

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Use these frequently asked questions if you enter/maintain contracts on XCO1 to help you navigate the HR Workday implementation and the impact to the Colleague Payment Contract process.


Where can I find documentation for the contract process?

Documentation is located in the Colleague SharePoint site under the Colleague & Informer Documents section and the Colleague Custom Documentation folder: All Documentation for Contracts & Workday Integration

Where can I see the payroll deadlines?

The XPP3 – Payroll Deadlines screen is an inquiry screen that displays the entire year’s payment schedule. If you don’t have access to XPP3, you can request it here:  Requesting a Colleague account / Updating Colleague Access

Why can't I change/modify the pre-loaded $$ amount for a teaching contract?

Teaching contract amounts are based on the load units and the rate by step.  There can be no customized rate entry for teaching contracts.  If the $$ amount is not correct, load units or instructional methods (from FASC) will need to be corrected. 

The exception to this rule is for Instructional Method "IND" or cost centers 1312 (GSASS Creative Writing) and 1415 (LA+D Master of Fine Arts).

Why can't I change/modify the ACA hours for a teaching contract?

ACA hours associated with teaching contract cannot be changed and are based on clock hours from SECT > Offering Info (XOFF). 

The exception to this rule is for Instructional Method "IND" or cost centers 1312 (GSASS Creative Writing) and 1415 (LA+D Master of Fine Arts).

Why can't I enter multiple cost centers?

Contract payments are generated from Workday and Workday does not support multiple cost centers, formerly budget codes. If you need to setup a contract that is funded by multiple cost centers, you will have to setup multiple contracts. This includes 1099 contracts, even though they are not being exported to Workday it was decided to keep all the contracts consistent.

What do I do when I am creating a contract, and a cost center (formerly budget code) isn’t in the list of available codes? 

The Finance department has identified which cost centers are available in Workday.  If you are trying to use a cost center (budget code), but it is not available, please contact the Finance Department at finance@lesley.edu.

How do I back-pay for money owed?

When you are creating a contract that includes a past amount owed, the payments generated in Workday will split the total amount evenly across the remaining number of months in the contract.  For example, if you are creating a contract in October (before the Payroll Closeout date for Oct) for something that occurs between September - December, the back-pay for the missed amount from September will not be included in October's payment.  The total contract amount will now be spread evenly between the October, November and December payments.

What does lockdown mean on the XCO1 contract screen?

When payroll is processing payments, they will lockdown the current pay period(s).  If monthly and bi-weekly pay dates are the same, both pay periods will be under lockdown.  However, if the pay dates are different, the pay periods will be under lockdown at different times.  If changes are needed for existing contracts for a pay period that is in lockdown, you must wait until the lockdown is removed.

During lockdown, can I enter new contracts?

Yes. The lockdown only applies to existing contracts that have already been exported to Workday.  Any new contracts, that have not been exported to Workday, can be entered. 

Why can't I see payments that are in review and future payments for employees? 

For employees, the payment detail screen will only show payments that have been made.  Individual payment records are no longer generated out of Colleague. They are now generated in Workday based on the contract total amount and the start and end date.  Only Payments that have been paid are sent back to Colleague. 

For non-employees Other (1099) contracts will still generate payments in Colleague so you will be able to see payments that have been paid, payments that are being reviewed, and future payments. 

How do I find out who approves my contracts?

From Person Contracts (XCO1), you can detail into the Authorized Signers (XOCS05) screen.  All Authorize Signers for that cost center are listed. 

How will I know if a contract has been approved or not?

When the pay period approaches the ‘Urgency’ timeframe, an email will be sent to you that will list all your contracts that haven’t been approved and will include the Authorized Signers for each contract.   You can also look at the Approval Status in XCO1.

I have one or more contracts with a cost center that doesn’t have an Authorized Signer identified.  What is going to happen?

Please contact the Finance department at finance@lesley.edu.  They can either approve those cost centers that are missing an Authorized Signer, or they can set up new Authorized Signers for that cost center.

How does an Authorized Signer know that they have contracts to approve? 

Reports will be emailed to all Authorized Signers starting 2 weeks before the contract's start date and will be sent every night for contracts that are waiting to be approved/re-approved.

How do I contact an Authorized Signer if I have contracts that need to be approved?

From Person Contracts (XCO1), you can detail into the Authorized Signers (XOCS05) screen.  All Authorize Signers for that cost center are listed and you can email them directly.

You can use Colleague to do this as well.  During ‘Urgency’ mode, you can email all Authorized Signers from the Authorized Signers (XOCS05) screen. Locate the flag at the bottom of the Screen, ‘Email Authorized Signers’. That field will be editable during the ‘Urgency’ mode only.  Enter ‘Y’ and an email will be sent to all Authorized Signers for that cost center and contract.

What will trigger the need for a contract to be re-approved?

Changes to contract amount, start date, end date, cost center (budget code), or service provided (earnings code) will trigger the need for re-approval.   However, once a contract has been exported to Workday, the cost center cannot be changed and you will need to contact Finance at finance@lesley.edu.

How do I know if my contracts got paid?

You will receive an emailed report with your contracts that were paid for that pay period.  You can also look at individual contracts and detail into the Payment Details (XOPS03) screen, which will show what has been paid.

One of my contracts didn’t get paid for the current/most recent pay period. What do I do?

  1. Check the Contract’s Status on XCO1 in the last field on the 2nd line. 
    1. If the status is ‘Waiting for Approval’ or ‘Needs to be Re-Approved’ it means that the Contract wasn’t approved in time for that pay period.  Contracts will not be sent to Workday until the Contract has been approved. You will need to contact the Authorized Signer to find out why the Contract wasn’t approved and make sure they approve it before the next Pay Period. 
    2. If the Approval Status is ‘Approved’ or ‘Pre-Approved’, then you will need to contact the Payroll Department at payroll@lesley.edu so they can investigate to see why the contract was not paid. 
  2. Check the Contract Start and End Dates and cross-reference against the pay periods on XPP3 to make sure the current pay period falls within those dates.

How do I create a contract for a former employee?

You cannot pay a terminated employee through this process and will need to contact payroll at payroll@lesley.edu.  They will have to manually enter the payment in both Workday AND create the contract in Colleague through a manual process using the XMCP – Manual Contract Payment Screen.  It is your responsibility to coordinate with payroll to make sure this happens. 


What is ‘Urgency’ mode? 

The ‘Urgency’ period is three days before the Payroll Closeout date. Any new contracts or changes to existing contracts are considered urgent due to the short window for approval before the payroll closeout date.  For example, if the Payroll Closeout Date is 09/21/23 then the ‘Urgency’ mode will be 09/18/23, 09/19/23 and 09/20/23.

On XCO1 you will get a pop-up message alerting you that the deadline is fast approaching, and that approval will be needed ASAP.  The Authorized Signers will be notified as well.

Why can’t I batch Teaching or Other contracts for employees on XCBM?  

Individual payment records are no longer generated out of Colleague, they are generated in Workday, therefore XCBC is no longer being used for employees.

XCBC and XCBM will only be used for 1099 non-employee contracts.

How can I see active contracts?

Use the XCDI Active Contracts screen to see active contracts by pay cycle, contract type, cost center and/or user.  Batch reports are no longer used to process payments for employee contracts so this screen allows you to report on the active contracts in the system.

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